Mentorship for HACC 2022

For HACC 2022 – we are offering mentors to support your team when you are building your solution.

This idea come to us from Microsoft’s John Cho, we currently have 6 mentors set up, but more will be added if needed.  We would also like to welcome any other organizations or individuals to participating in this program too! (Sign up form below)

To participate as a mentor or on a team you will need to join the HACC 2022 Workspace (  We will be setting up a Mentors channel on this workspace once you join, go there for the latest updates.

Join HACC 2022 Slack:

Mentoring Expectations

  • Minimum of 1-2 hours weekly, many have offered even more time
  • Engagement will be virtual – over Teams or Zoom
  • Advisory role, will not be doing coding work for students
  • Agnostic of Microsoft technology, this is about the students
  • Mentors with HACC logo have participated in past events

Mentors and Mentees are asked to abide by these Rules of Engagement:

  • An adult educator must be present during mentoring interactions for High or Middle School Teams
  • Mentor and participant to decide on platform channel for engagement, i.e. TEAMS, Slack (we are working on getting huddle capabilities), Zoom.
  • Mentor and participant to decide frequency and duration of engagement


If you are interested in joining these Mentors please complete this form:

Mentor Form

Use this Form if you are interested in participating in the HACC 2022 as a Mentor.
Please provide the name you used when you joined HACC 2022 Slack Workspace
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Please list experience and knowledge that you can share with a team/participant (i.e. applications, platforms, technical knowledge)
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If your team would like to be mentored please complete this form:

Participant Form

Use this form if your HACC 2022 team would like to be matched with a mentor.
Provide the same name you used on HACC HUI for your team
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Please provide the name you used when you joined HACC 2022 Slack Workspace
List the experience and knowledge that you would like in a mentor (i.e. applications, platforms, technical knowledge)
Describe the overall programming experience of your team
List the programming languages your team members already know - including affiliated tech stacks and frameworks if applicable
Please share the Software / Tools you plan to use for coding and programming (IDEs, Text Editors, Databases, etc.)
Will you be using a specific hyperscale Cloud such as AWS, Azure, or GCP? (Enter no if not applicable)