Team Formation Process must be completed on Saturday, October 30 by 5:00 p.m. – this includes:

  • Individuals sign up on new HACC HUI tool (details to follow)
  • Form Team and name Team Captain
  • Team Captain – completes Team registration information
  • Each team member – must sign acknowledgement form that they have read and will abide by the rules and guidelines for the event
  • If team member is under 18 years of age, they and their parent or guardian will need to e-sign acknowledgement form indicating the minor has read and will abide by the rules and guidelines of the event and parent gives them permission to participate in the event.

Challenge declaration Day – Saturday, November 6 by 5:00 p.m.

  • Teams will only be allowed to select 1 challenge on HACC HUI at registration.
  • If you have changed which challenge your team is working on, please update this information on HACC HUI no later than Nov. 6, this is important to help the Technical Judges know what to look for on your submission, if the Challenge on HACC HUI does not match what is submitted, Technical judges may reduce scoring.

Tech Review Begins – November 17 at 9:00 a.m.

  • Working code should be available by this date/time as judges can review solution for inclusion in the Judging day event (see HACC Judging Criteria for completed set of criteria)

Please note these Rules Changes for 2021

There have been a couple of changes that it is important you be aware of.  These are:

  • Pitch Training workshop on Nov. 6th is now MANDATORY!
    This requires each team to send at least 1 person to attend the training.  It is recommended teams send the member(s) who will be creating the pitch and/or presenting the pitch.  If a team does not have at least 1 member, 4 points will be deducted from you Technical review results (2 points from each judge’s score).  Participation will be monitored via Eventbrite sign up and workshop attendance documents.
  • Changes to Tech Review
    We removed the Software Design Category and replaced it with a new Security/Privacy Category.
  • Security/Privacy criteria
    A written description must be included on your Team’s DevPost, on how the app/application/solution should be secured. Be specific to your application’s security needs – describe how the different parts/functions of the solution should be secured for both data security and privacy. Do not provide generic security guidance. Limit the solution security plan to 300 words. (No posted description – results in 0 score for this category!)
  • Changes to Judging Day Scoring
    We reduced the number of categories from 5 to 4 by removing the Resiliency category.

Looking to register for a workshop?  Please go to the Workshops page