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And the Winners are…

First Place: OverEasi – COVID-19 Chatbot


Second Place: GameTheSystem – UH Security

Third Place: Trigeeks – UH Security

High School: DFE (Mililani High School) – IT Visualization


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HACC Kick Off

We had a record turn out to learn about our six (6) great challenges on Oct. 24, 2020.   For those of you who were unable to attend the live event, we have posted the Welcoming Remarks, Rules and Important Information, and Reverse Pitches below and on (if you haven’t already joined slack click link above to join)

Welcome and Opening Remarks:

HACC HUI Presentation

Rules and Important Information


Hawaii State Archives – Gamification of Crowdsource Indexing

To provide better end-user access to these State Archive records, individual indexing of the records is a necessity. To increase community interest in conducting remote transcription of these records, gamifying (applying game design elements) to the index process will provide incentive (through leaderboards) and fun (through virtual milestones and awards) to incentivize the volunteers to produce more indexed ‘product’. Archives Gamification Use Case Reverse Pitch Deck

Pitch Recording:

First Lady Dawn Amano-Ige – Connections: Hawai‘i State Resource Directory

The needs of family and children are often very complex; a comprehensive electronic repository of available support services, resources and benefits is necessary for those needing assistance in these areas.  This repository app will incorporate programs and services from statewide government agencies and non-profit agencies in a user-friendly “one-stop-shop” directory making it easier for those needing support services and referrals. Resource Directory Use Case Reverse Pitch Deck

Pitch Recording:

Kick Off Day Breakout Room Recording:

University of Hawaii – Visualizing Campus Occupancy Trends During (AND After) COVID-19

This challenge looks to create a means to visualize campus occupancy in order to: identify patterns of use to correlate against scheduled and ad hoc/on-demand resource commitments;  identify unscheduled patterns of use, in particular around things like study groups, planned or unplanned activities on campus, and unanticipated patterns of use that may require alternative space considerations; and improve future scheduling and use of campus resources to both prevent spread of COVID-19, and increase efficiency of campus operations. UH Density Use Case Reverse Pitch Deck

Pitch Recording:

Breakout Room Recording:

University of Hawaii Information Technology Services – Building Physical Security and Guest Access Management

Some UH buildings require significant access control, such as the IT Center, which includes an Emergency Situation Room and a Data Center. Currently, building security requires physical monitoring of visitors, which is resource intensive and not always possible. The goal of this challenge is to explore application designs that improve security for UH buildings with reducing personnel costs. UH Physical Security Use Case Reverse Pitch Deck

Pitch Recording:

Kick Off Day Breakout Room Recording:

NIC Hawaii – COVID-19 Chatbot

In these challenging times, when COVID-19 information is changing daily, it is crucial to provide the most up-to-date information at any given time to the citizens of Hawaii and those visiting the islands. We are all in this fight together against the COVID-19 pandemic. Chatbots, if effectively designed and delivered, can help us all by quickly sharing up-to-date information and encouraging desired healthy behaviors. COVID-19 Chatbot Use Case Reverse Pitch Deck

Pitch Recording:

Kick Off Day Breakout Room Recording:

Office of Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) – State of Hawaii Executive Branch IT Portfolio & Roadmap Visualization

Provide a publicly available living dashboard and visualization of the State of Hawaii (Executive Branch) IT portfolio and IT roadmap. The goal of this solution is to enable public transparency on the state’s IT roadmap to the future using the most current department data. IT Portfolio Use Case Reverse Pitch Deck

Pitch Recording:

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