#HACC 2023 Workshops


That’s all the workshops for this year!  Stay tuned for the Registration link for the final…see you there!

Remember the Judging & Presentation Day is in-person this year at the UH West Oahu Campus – Multi-purpose Ballroom
More details coming soon!

HACC 2023 Pre-Event Workshops

Google AI/ML workshop

This workshop provided an overview of AI and ML, and how Google’s AI Platform can be used to build and deploy AI solutions for the following 5 main topics:

  • Enterprise Translation Hub (ETH): ETH is a cloud-based translation platform that helps businesses translate their content into multiple languages at scale.
  • Cloud Video Intelligence and Vision: Cloud Video Intelligence and Vision is a suite of AI services that can be used to extract insights from video and image data.
  • Document AI: Document AI is a cloud-based service that can be used to extract structured data from unstructured documents, such as PDFs, images, and emails.
  • Contact Center AI (CCAI): CCAI is a suite of AI services that can be used to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of contact centers.
  • LLM and GenAI: LLM and GenAI are large language models and generative AI models that can be used for a variety of tasks, such as text generation, translation, and question answering.

The attendees learned the basics concepts of AI and ML with demos and gain hands-on experience with Google’s AI Platform.

Presenter: Daniel Liu

Daniel Liu is an Enterprise Architect at Google helping state and local governments develop and implement compelling technical and functional strategies.  Daniel is a trusted advisor for the state of Hawaii developed Hawaii Safe Travel Application, Climate Resilient and Safety Analytics projects.

A published author, a recognized database expert and a frequent speaker at various global IT conferences, and many state and local government sponsored technology events including National Cyber Security Conference, ISM, AASHTO, Oracle OpenWorld,  Hawaii HACC,  Hawaii TRUE, Hawaii Public Radio, LA/Hawaii Digital Government Summit and LA County Women in Technologies.   Daniel has received the SELECT Editorial Award for Best Article in 2001,  he has been named Architect of the Week by the OTN in 2004, and has received Ken Jacobs Award in 2017.

Prior to Joining Google, Daniel served as a Principal Architect at Oracle Corporation, and a senior manager at First American built one of the largest and most complex database environments in North American.

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From Idea to Application Using Clicks, Not Code with Salesforce 

Salesforce is the world’s largest enterprise software applications company. Watch this video to learn how you can use the Salesforce Platform to quickly build real applications at scale in the cloud.

We used a previous year’s HACC challenge – Marine Wildlife Sighting App – to show you how you can build a complete business application from the ground up with clicks, not code all in 90 minutes.

During the presentation we showed you how to spin up a free Salesforce development environment, create a data model, add business logic including automated workflows, configure the user interface, generate real-time GIS Maps, and run the resulting application on a public facing web portal and native iOS/Android mobile app.


Prior to the session we recommend you become familiar with Salesforce Trailhead, our FREE learning platform.

Getting Started with Salesforce Trailmix:

Presenter: Brian Murphy

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Microsoft Power Apps – No Code & Low Code + AI

Join Microsoft for a walk through of the Power Platform tools with live demonstrations.

Demonstration of the updated Co-Pilots for Power Platform that have been recently announced to include Power Apps, Power Virtual Agents (natural language chat bots), and Power Automate (describe the process you want to automate).

During the presentation, you will see/learn:

  • What is the Power Platform?
  • How you can build an application from scratch with a description and will include sample data, or create an application from a drawing, or even an existing Excel spreadsheet – all with no code, to give you a huge head start!
  • Create and edit an AI application using AI.
  • Build chatbots with Power Virtual Agents that can answer questions based on your company-specific resources, like your website with no additional authoring.
  • Connect with other services and technologies to leverage existing data and capabilities.

For your HACC project, we will highlight AI capabilities with:

  • Document automation
  • Prediction
  • Images and object detection
  • Language translation
  • Sentiment analysis

Additional training resources with the Power Platform were provide – as well as ways to get vouchers to take exams (not just Power Platform) for free.  Yes, free.

Career Resources from Microsoft

Call to action:  To get ahead of the curve, please register for a free, instructor-led, hands on Power Platform in a day session that fits your schedule (fill up fast!):

Presenter: Gary Cirujales, Principal Technical Specialist, Microsoft
Gary is a Principal Technical Specialist at Microsoft focusing on the Education industry and working to solve business challenges through process improvement and hyper-automation.  Gary’s history spans several years and has been employing low/no code solutions “before it was cool” to solve the largest problems for customers around the world.  He is passionate about democratizing citizen development and the formation of fusion teams and has recently earned Project Management Institute’s Citizen Developer Business Architect accreditation.  When not demonstrating the capabilities of Power Platform to solve problems, he volunteers as a mentor for transitioning veterans, career coach for career switchers and students at the Austin Urban Technology Movement, and as a hack advisor for several university programs.

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Building Low-Code No-Code Solutions With ServiceNow

A brief introduction to ServiceNow and how we can leverage it to quickly create  low-code no-code applications.

What was covered:

  • Background: What is ServiceNow?
  • Developer Resources – Quick walkthrough of the different links listed above to help new developers
  • Tour of ServiceNow
  • Tour of App Engine
  • Building a Simple App Engine Application


Presenter: Steven Chen, ServiceNow Lead, eWorld Enterprise Solutions

Steven Chen graduated from the University of Hawaii at Manoa with a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering. He has 8 years of experience on the ServiceNow platform, working as an administrator, developer, and consultant across various industries, including education and healthcare. Steven is currently a ServiceNow Lead at eWorld Enterprise Solutions, Inc where they design, develop, maintain, and support technology and software solutions for government departments and agencies in the State of Hawaii.

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HACC 2023 Interim Workshop 1 – Security & Privacy Considerations in Application Development

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In this security workshop, Rich Antonow, Sr. Technology Specialist of Microsoft will demonstrate how to securely develop and deploy applications on the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform. Rich will provide best security practices and guidelines for developing Cloud Native applications including DevOps for automation, build and release/deployment processes.

Presenter: Rich Antonow, Microsoft Sr. Technology Specialist

Rich is in a Technical Specialist role for Security and Identity. He supports accounts with “all things” security as it relates to Cloud and on-premises identities, user synchronization, identity protection, data/application/device threat protection and advanced EDR-XDR solutions.   Rich has been with Microsoft for 7 years, primarily covering the Western region including the states of Alaska and Hawaiʻi. He resides in Phoenix, Arizona.



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HACC 2023 Interim Workshop 2 – Pitch Training 

This workshop helps you to get ready to present your solution to the HACC judges and learn how to pitch like a pro! Whether you’re pitching investors, customers, or HACC judges, this workshop teaches you the fundamentals of delivering a great presentation, with tips and tricks that’ll help you stand out from the crowd.

Presenter: Christopher Nguyen, Product Manager, Microsoft

Christopher is the Product Manager for Windows Terminal – a modern, feature-rich terminal application with over 100 million active users a month. Prior to working at Microsoft, Chris was a software developer at IBM and a NASA Space Grant Fellow. He is a proud graduate of W. R. Farrington High School (‘14) and the University of Hawaii at Manoa (‘18). In 2017, Chris and his team won first prize at HACC with their project, LoveMilkTea.


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