Workshops 2021

HACC 2021 Workshops

HACC 2021 Interim Workshop 1

Requirements Gathering

This introduction to requirements gathering is meant to help you understand the methods, planning and processes that will lead to designing and developing systems that meet user’s needs.

Presenter: Joel Kumabe
Joel is the Client Executive in charge of Hawaii for Unisys Corporation.  He has over 38+ years of experience in technology, primarily in Banking and Healthcare Insurance.  Prior to Unisys, Joel was the Senior Vice-President and Chief Information Officer at Hawaii State Federal Credit Union, Program Manager at HMSA, Enterprise Architect at Kamehameha Schools/Bishop Estate, Vice-President and Application Manager at Bank of Hawaii, and Consulting Manager at Ernst & Young, CPAs.


Presenter: Robyn Pratt-Barr
Robyn is the Functional/Training Lead and leads the teams designing and training the State of Hawaii Department of Human Services Benefits Eligibility System project.  She previously worked with the Michigan Department of Human Services as a contractor for their child support and child welfare projects. Her previous roles include business analyst, testing, training and implementation. Robyn has a degree in Agriscience Education from Michigan State University.


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Security & Privacy Considerations in Application Development

In this workshop session Microsoft Azure Cloud team will give an overview of Azure Cloud for developing Cloud Native applications, including how to securely develop and deploy Application on Microsoft Azure Cloud platform. They will also touch base on some best security practices and guidelines to be aware of while developing Cloud Native applications including DevOps to automate build and release/deployment process.

Presenter: Anand Moghe
Anand is an Azure App Innovation Specialist at Microsoft. In his current role at Microsoft, he helps Govt. Organization’s IT Executives, Software Engineers and DevOps professional modernize their Enterprise Application Portfolio using the best practices and strategies for Application Innovation and modernization on Azure Cloud, boost developer’s productivity by suggesting best of the breed tools and creates opportunities to maximize ROI from investment in people, process, and technologies.


Presenter: Rich Antonow
Rich is in a Technical Specialist role for Security and Identity. He supports accounts with “all things” security as it relates to Cloud and on-premises identities, user synchronization, Identity protection, data/application/device threat protection and advanced EDR-XDR solutions.   Rich has been with Microsoft for 5 years primarily covering the Western region including the states of Alaska and Hawaii. He resides in Phoenix Arizona



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HACC 2021 Interim Workshop 2

Pitch Your Solution

This workshop helps you to get ready to present your solution to the HACC judges and learn how to pitch like a pro! Whether you’re pitching investors, customers, or HACC judges, this workshop teaches you the fundamentals of delivering a great presentation, with tips and tricks that’ll help you stand out from the crowd.

Presenter: Stefan Opsal
Stefan is an entrepreneur, mentor, and investor who is passionate about technology and startups. He is currently the Chief Operating Officer at, a venture-backed startup that makes visual collaboration software to help remote teams work together more effectively, finish projects faster, and deliver better results. Previously Stefan was the Director of Cloud Honolulu, an Ambassador for Startup Grind, and a Venture Analyst at Sultan Ventures & XLR8UH.

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How May I Help You?

Software and applications have a new user interface. “How May I Help You?” is the most power question your website or application can ask to aid and guide users to accomplish What They Need (Self-Service) and When they Need IT (24×7).  This session will show you how to integrate chatbots into your User Centric Design and your application.


Presenter: Joel Bongco
Joel is Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at eWorld Enterprise Solutions. At eWorld, Joel guides state, local, and commercial organizations through technological change. For more than a decade now, he has led some of Hawaii’s largest IT projects. Past projects include implementing a student information system, Infinite Campus, for the Hawaii Department of Education and managing the department’s Race to the Top initiatives. More recent projects include implementing Hawaii’s Safe Travels call center and the Department of Labor call center.


Presenter: Dean Ramos
Dean is a Project Manager with development, operations, and business analyst experience. He has been leading eWorld’s Customer Experience (CX) Developers in providing scalable holistic solutions to customer service needs.


Presenter: Dat Vo
Dat is a Business Analyst who’s completed his BBA with a focus in Management Information-Systems. His interests are working with clients to gather requirements, improve documentation, and promote data-driven decisions to help solve Hawaii’s business challenges.


Presenter: Dean Fujimoto
Dean is a CX developer with experience in Chatbot Technologies. He graduated with a degree in Computer Engineering and is now working on six chatbot projects. He actively maintains Virtual Agents for the DOH, DOT, and DHS by analyzing the data coming in and making new responses in accordance with the data.


Presenter: Ioane Omerod
Ioane is a Computer Science graduate from the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa. He currently works as a CX Developer at eWorld Enterprise Solutions, where he develops chatbot and call center solutions for various State of Hawaiʻi departments and projects.


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From Idea to Application in 90 Minutes

Our workshop will show attendees how the Salesforce Platform can be applied to several of the HACC challenges by building a complete business application from the ground up with clicks, not code all in 90 minutes. During the presentation we will show you how to spin up a new Salesforce development environment, create a data model, add business logic including automated workflows, configure the user interface, generate real-time reports and dashboards, and run the resulting application on a public facing web portal and native iOS/Android mobile app

Salesforce Presentation  (Passcode – hacc2021)

HACC Build an App in 90 Minutes Slides

here’s the public-facing Marine Wildlife Sighting App Website from the above recorded demo.

And the Direct Login to the Volunteer/HMAR Employee Salesforce App

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HACC 2021 Interim Workshop 3

AWS Amplify

AWS Amplify is a set of tools and services that can be used together or on their own, to help front-end web and mobile developers build scalable full stack applications, powered by AWS. With Amplify, you can configure app backends and connect your app in minutes, deploy static web apps in a few clicks, and easily manage app content outside the AWS console. Amplify supports popular web frameworks including JavaScript, React, Angular, Vue, Next.js, and mobile platforms including Android, iOS, React Native, Ionic, Flutter. Get to market faster with AWS Amplify.


Presenter: Jason Hoog
Jason a Senior Solution Architect for AWS,  has over 23 years of experience as a software developer and architect.  Over the last 6 years he has assisted AWS customers in creating and migrating applications to the AWS cloud, and specifically has a passion for helping mobile, web and front-end developers to use services such as AWS Amplify and AppSync to deliver integrated solutions in AWS quickly! 


Workshop 3 – Amplify Slides

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HACC Lunch & Learn Series from Microsoft:

Incorporating AI to solve business challenges

Description: Data Scientists create AI models, and Developers incorporate them into applications to solve business problems. This session is for Developers/Software Engineers and will introduce Microsoft’s suite of pre-built AI technologies known as Azure Cognitive Services.  Attendees will be presented with concepts and use cases that can help fast track the solving of the challenges presented at this year’s HACC

Building and deploying cloud native apps on Azure

Description: Overview of the various development patterns and services that you can leverage to host your cloud native applications on Azure.

Power Apps – Low Code & No Code

Description: Learn how to use the Power Platform to quickly meet business needs by developing solutions in an agile low-code/no-code way.  Understand how the platform can engage citizen developers in the solution development and expand to meet the needs of Pro developers.