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HACC Tool Resources


SLACK – is a collaboration platform that replaces email and works as a great way for a team members to communicate with each other.  There are free versions that you could set up for your students.

  • Resource Library – full of great how to’s and tips & tricks
  • Link to main Slack website – create a new Slack team or individual account
  • Please join the 2020 Slack collaboration location to stay in touch with all of our great plans! –

GitHub – is a development platform to manage code development and integrity via secure cloud interactive code repositories and team member code commitment activities.

  • GitHub Guides – Videos and How To articles – get started with Hello World article
  • Link to main GitHub website – create an account and from there create teams and repositories

DevPost – is the primary tool used by hackathons to promote their events, track team activities and results

  • DevPost Help – hackathon how to’s and tips on how to use DevPost
  • Link to main DevPost website – create an individual account or hackathon event

For more details on Tools used by HACC competition please visit our Tools Page